5 comments on “How to Say Goodbye to Joe Paterno

  1. Paterno deserves no sympathy. He might have been a good coach but his silence to child rape says more than his record. Sure he went up the chain of command, but the documented fact that Paterno knew and said nothing to cops is reprehensible. No sympathy for Mr. Silence.

    • Paterno knew of one incident that happened that was not ever confirmed what actually happened and he was informed of past allegations. Calling him Mr. Silence and basically an accomplice of rape is unfair. If someone came to you with an outrageous allegation what would you do?

      • It is not an outrageous allegation if that witness to the said allegation saw/heard a young boy in a shower with Jerry Sandusky raping that boy.

      • Could he have done more? Yes. But he did do something. He didn’t just say yeah go ahead buddy. I won’t say anything. With so much power comes a ton of responsibility and the chances of him knowing absolutely everything that was going on in his program is ludicrous. That is why you hire assistants and you have an athletic department. As old as Joe Pa had gotten and as weak as he had gotten over the past decade believing that he had complete control over everything is ridiculous as well. My stance on the matter, and I keep trying to create a good metaphor to put myself in their shoes, is that if I were in that situation and something allegedly happened and it wasn’t true and it was reported. You just created a horrible story to the public and an image that no matter how it is taken is going to be taken at it’s worst possibility. If I did it without even speaking to my superiors they are going to maybe say yes you did the right things, but behind your back they’re saying you fucking idiot. We could have prepared better for this issue and helped the school not come off as bad. If you are wrong your department might even try to get rid of you for it. I believe Sandusky was let go from the coaching staff after his first allegations and if he had access to the facilities that might not necessarily be Joe Pa’s fault. That could be a handful of guys faults on that end. Did something bad happen? Yes. It is immeasurable how much but he also did a lot of good. Does the ruin his entire life for not doing more? I know a lot of people who would be too scared to do anything at all.

  2. My concern is that as the most powerful man in the State of Pennsylvania for well over 30 years, that Joe Paterno failed to fulfill his duty as a mandatory reporter of any crime committed against children that all members of public education must comply with. Yes, he told his superiors, but he also enabled Jerrry Sandusky to continue to prey on victims by way of allowing him access to Penn State facilities for years on add after the alledged incident took place in the showers. By failing to do more to report Jerry Sandusky’s crimes against children, he enabled a pedophile free reign on innocent children. As a head coach of a major football program , you generally know everything that is going on in your facilities and everybody listens to what you say. There is a reason these coaches are the highest paid public employees in their various states, they hold a great deal of power/influence. Using that influence he could stopped Jerry Sandusky from continuing to commit unspeakable crimes against children

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