3 comments on “The River Revisited: Is the Magic Drying Up?

  1. The boiuna didnt stop the attack because Jonas apologized. The boiuna had originally taken him because he had captured a soul with the camera on his iphone. During his ascent to hang himself, his iphone was destroyed and the soul was presumably returned to the river. That was what the boiuna had wanted all along and that is why the attack ceased.

  2. Two things before I respond. 1: sorry it took me so long to respond to this comment. 2: THANK YOU FOR COMMENTING!!!!
    I see exactly what you are saying, when the cell phone dropped out of his pocket and broke the spirit did escape back to the boiuna. Though my first analysis of the end of “The Hanging Man” was incorrect, your analysis of the end still helps to prove my point. There was no understanding of what had happened to Jonas nor did the crew of the Magus do anything to help Jonas or get the boiuna to stop attacking them. It was a random occurrence that saved all their lives, nothing that they did or had to figure out. The suspense that lead up to the moment deserved a more fitting end than a cell phone dropping out of a pocket and breaking to save the crew of the Magus.

  3. I don’t remember the phone falling from his pocket. I clearly remember him pulling out his phone and intentionally smashing it before climbing up to take the noose. As for The third episode with the Tribe of Warriors; they judged the crew worthy of continuing for two reasons, A.j deciding to help them all afterall by facing his fears and crawling under the tree for the bulbs, and Clarks willingness to sacrifice himself for the safety of the rest of the crew. The second Clark ran out and yelled “take me, let the others live!” (or something along those lines, the crew were deemed worthy.

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