2 comments on “Homeland Season 1: The Enemy Within?

  1. I became addicted to this show from the get-go. Damien Lewis was excellent as well as Danes and Patinkin as you mentioned. I was absolutely speechless at the end of the finale and I can’t remember that ever happening. From the beginning I was skeptical how they could make Homeland into a multiple season show, but they have shown there is a plan on a much larger scope than I anticipated. Can’t wait for season two.

  2. I’m right with you, I became addicted the second the first episode ended. I was also thinking that the show would be a one season. Once we figured out if Brody was or wasn’t a traitor most of the plot lines would have been wrapped up. I was impressed with how Showtime put it together though. I was so concerned with determining if Brody was a traitor that I didn’t notice his rising social status and the implications it could have depending on his loyalties- ORANGECHAIR

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