3 comments on “Awake: Why It Was Cancelled and How I Would Fix It

  1. You misread the finale. It was not about him escaping both realities and finding out both his wife and son are alive, but that he had a further psychological break, where his mind created a third reality. At first, he accepted the fact that one of them died, but due to his grief, he was unable to “pick” which one died, so his mind fractured. But as his “ability” to change worlds lead to him losing one of them, and therefore one of his family members, his mind was not ready at this point to accept it. This is proven by what he said with Dr. Evan during the whole ‘Turtles all the way down’ conversation- “What if I’m still in prison in the red world, and all the crazy stuff that happened after… was a dream? Even if one of these [worlds] is a dream, why can’t I have a dream within a dream?” After this point, his psyche breaks further and he creates the third “white reality” where he has everything his heart truly wanted, his family back. It’s NOT a happy ending, it is a sign that he is collapsing.

    • Alright, I can easily agree with you that maybe both his wife and his son are not alive and that he is in fact falling further into insanity. In a sense however, isn’t that a happy enough ending? Whether he is crazy or not he still is living in a world, or thinks he is at least, where is son and his wife are alive which is what he wanted. Sounds pretty happy to me

      Also, whether I have misread the tone of the ending as happy or sad, it still doesn’t change the fact that there was no real explanation as to the end of the episode. The evidence and theory you pull from the above mentioned quote makes a lot of sense but other than that quote there is no evidence to prove your theory true. Some people might find it hard to believe that Michael stumbles upon the answer to his mind problems all of a sudden and then falls further into insanity. The question still remains: what actually happened to Michael Britton? What is real and what is not real? Or did the show pull the cliche and infuriating Dallas everything was a dream ending? (I guess that reference might change now that Dallas has been rebooted)

  2. The creator and people that worked on the show were the ones that explained it that way.

    “Killen: Right. For us, while it provided an uplifting and hopeful ending [to the season/series], it probably would have been a sign that he was getting worse. He had reached a place where he seemed to part with Hannah’s world, he seemed to sacrifice that to get the answers [to the conspiracy] that he did. Dr. Evans pointed that out to him, that he’s once again on that precipice of understanding and accepting. Instead, he does what he’s done from the beginning — and that’s where “turtles all the way down” comes from. Infinite regression. “What if I’m still in prison in the red world, and all the crazy stuff that happened after… was a dream? Even if one of these [worlds] is a dream, why can’t I have a dream within a dream?” Once he realized [he could], it’s as if he seemed to dream the thing he wanted more than anything — to be reunited with his wife and son… Going forward, I don’t think he would become a lucid dreamer, but in that moment it delivered something that his psyche had desperately wanted for a long time. For me, Twin Peaks was a seminal show, and what we started to miss from the red-versus-green [story] and the procedural crossover clues and the fact that they were both completely grounded and therefore impossible to tell apart, was that despite being a show where half of it took place in his imagination, we rarely got to play with any “fun” imaginary elements. This [finale] was always intended to open up a third space, a dream space, to introduce some of the more surreal elements.”


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