3 comments on “An Orangechair Plea to NBC

  1. Last I heard they signed Community and Parks to half seasons and moved Community to the Fri night slot. It’s a shame since those two were really the only good comedies I watched last season (30 Rock and HIMYM were trying too hard). The one point I disagree with is Chris Trager. I don’t think he’s a good character and it seems like the creators agreed as they slowly were pushing him out of the foray. Initially he was great. Lastly, either I missed the joke or you meant Dan Harmon 🙂

  2. Wow, I didn’t hear about Community being moved to Friday….I know Friday can be a good spot for shows but not a comedy show like Community that pulls a lot of its audience base from teenagers and college students who would be out and about on a Friday night. It’s almost a death sentence in itself.
    I guess I can deal with both those shows getting a half season, its better than having them be cancelled which would be a terrible choice.
    As far as Dan Harmon goes, no joke, just a brainfart from Orangechair, that’s for catching it 🙂
    I’m going to switch it right now
    -ORANGECHAIR (a rainbowchair writer)

  3. If they kill Community they will be killing a little part of me as well. I feel like it’s finally starting to get recognition and a larger audience now so taking it off the air would just be beyond cruel. At least give us a full fourth season- I mean four years is typical for a post secondary education (well it is here in Canada for universities).

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