2 comments on “Lawless: Even a Deep Hatred of Shia Lebeouf Can’t Ruin This One

  1. I too loved the film. It was both quiet and shocking, touching and violent, soft and hard…sort of like Forrest. However, I had a wholly different take on Rakes. I found this character to be much too over-the-top. He was almost a caricature figure, and that, I believe, took away the credibility of the character. It distracted me from the film – how about that giant part in his hair! His character continually pulled me out of the movie. I love Shia. He is darling and I think he is a good actor. Unfortunately for me, I can never quite forget that it is him. It doesn’t matter what movie he is in, this one included, I never – not for one moment – forget it is Shia. Personally, I would prefer to see Tom Hardy get the nomination here. He was really the standout what with the lack of participation by Gary Oldman – what’s with that!

  2. I loved the role of Rakes. He had to be over-the-top to play against the lower-than-life looking Bondurant boys. One one side you had the big city cop that hated the redneck/bootleggers. On the other you had the Bondurants who were just easy go guys just trying to make a living from what the family had been doing for years. Something of a good vs evil just eschewed a little. The love stories were a good touch to keep the ladies happy with the film. Myself we could have had somemore of Oldman as others have said but anytime Tom Hardy graces the “Big Screen” for us fan you know it will be an awesome flick. On top we get to see a little of Jessica C. So am happy a happy fella 🙂

    And one mistake Orangechair on your review and it is at the beginning of the film. Howard is the eldest brother and Forrest is the middle not the other way around.

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