One comment on “Revolution Midseason Finale: A Good Start But It’s Time to Step it Up

  1. I too have been enjoying Revolution. With the current surge of apocalyptic literature, movies and tv shows visualizing gore, dismemberment, and guts, (think Walking Dead – my favorite) it is still an enjoyable hour to watch this plot unfold slowly. Although I admire your attachment to J.J. Abrams, I would have to say what initially drew me to the show was the female teenager as a main character. It is a pleasure to see a show written around this character and in which she is not mooning over boys or constantly being rescued! I have enjoyed the character development they have shown in Charlie. At home in her village, she appeared to be the “naughty girl.” She was always going where she shouldn’t go, saying what she shouldn’t say, arguing with her family, etc. Essentially, she was the lose cannon or the pot stirrer. However when put into a different environment, Charlie becomes the standard for what is good, and just. They all look to her for guidance and to be the peacemaker. I believe this is often the case with teenagers. When they are home in a safe environment, they rail against the rules, the morals and the values. Yet, when leaving the nest into a grown up world that is foreign to them, these same young-adults exhibit the moral fortitude on which they were raised. It is interesting that Charlie changed not necessarily from within, from without – a change of scenery and circumstances changed her perspective.

    Keep writing orangechair – I’ll keep reading!

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