One comment on “Oscar Best Picture Winner 2000- Gladiator

  1. Gladiator is worth seeing if you are at all interested in the beauty of film. It is visually stunning as are most of Scott’s films. It is quite evident from his work that he studied art, and I have heard that he spent some time as a set designer, which might explain the attention to small details. Look up some of his story board pictures on Google. They are works of art in and of themselves! Scott is, without a doubt, my favorite director. If you have not seen Matchstick Men, put it on the list. It is one of his “icy” films with very straight lines and cool colors, while the character is a mess of tics and crazy habits! Hannibal, although not a great film, is worth seeing as well just for the use of color, lighting and music….Alien….Blade Runner…Thelma and Louise…Black Hawk Down, etc. etc. etc.

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